Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sound & Groove Announcement: Coming Attractions

After a busy July of vacationing and so forth, yours truly Evan Dowbiggin didn't get around to a July episode of Sound & Groove. Embarrassing, treasonous, suspect, lazy, call it what you like! But hey, I was enjoying my summer mmkay? July was a month without a new episode occurred for the first time since February 2012... when this podcast hadn't been established yet. But I have decided to make it up to y'all with three episodes in the same theme for August! I will be including songs going on the theme of "Taking it to the Streets: Transportation Tracks." Wonder what that's about? Weeelll, we're dealing with any songs that refer to roadway subjects like bridges, tunnels, roads, streets, highways of all sorts, traveling, avenues, lanes, you name it. Anywhere a car can go. Keep your eyes peeled as the first episode will drop next Monday, August 5. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some great transportation music to gab about thankyouverymuch.

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