Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sound & Groove Programming Note

Well you may've been pondering my long, inexplicably quiet absence. I got tied down with some personal issues and January went by without a show but in 2 weeks there will be one. I am switching to just doing one a month but I feel it's something easier to sink teeth into when it's 45 minutes per month of listening pleasure for all of you. So that's right, 12 podcasts await in 2014 cause I couldn't manage the 22-24 demand that I kept up with from 2012-2013. So keep those eyes peeled because the 28th- the last day in that odd month of February- will unveil a brand new episode and another with that theme not long after (1-2 weeks). In April will be a new episode of a totally different theme and rinse, lather, repeat for May. Take care monster music moodsters!