Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sound & Groove, Episode 60: "The Name Linking Game" Part 1

One of Halifax's best contributions to the Canadian music scene over the past decade and a half has been Joel Plaskett who continues to go under the radar but churn out infectious, alluring singer-songwriter rock with healthy doses of unabashed fun spliced into the honest, well-worn emotional landscapes discovered in his lyrical subject matters.

Give me an artist and I'll give you someone whose first name starts with the other's last name. Confused yet? It's like six degrees of separation almost. Pick an artist- ie like Billy Joel in this part 1- and then follow it up with Joel Plaskett. Of course this one isn't a continuous chain link but one that just applies to a pairing of songs. And yes that's the theme for the 7th episode of 2015 for the Sound & Groove Podcast. So sit back and soak in another  musical journey through yet another themed podcast for your listening enjoyment, the 60th time I've unleashed a podcast on the public.


If you have been keeping up with S&G on Music of Evan's Mind, there is now a new host for this podcast on And if you're new to this podcast, here's the breakdown: Every month there will be a theme that the selection of music is centered around. It will be jam packed with my analysis, synopsis, anecdotes and other witticisms you might enjoy while I play edited versions of each tune (to make room for talk and for a good 7-9 songs per 45 minute episode). And not to worry, each month will contain a different theme than the last. Got it? Get it? Good. Happy listening to you all!

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Track Listing:
1. Born Under A Bad Sign- Albert King (1967)
2. Soul Serenade- King Curtis (1964)
3. Allentown- Billy Joel (1982)
4. Credits Roll- Joel Plaskett (2015)
5. Don't Walk Past- Blue Peter (1982)
6. San Jacinto (Live)- Peter Gabriel (1983)
7. Out There- Dinosaur Jr. (1993)
8. These Eyes- Jr. Walker & the All-Stars (1969)
9. Walk Away- James Gang (1971)
10. Ether- Gang of Four (1980)

 Info of note:
Intro- "The Bucket" by Kings of Leon (2005)
Outro- "Slow Night, So Long" by Kings Leon (2005)
All comments, questions and feedback are greatly welcomed and appreciated! I encourage participation. Even though I drain an hour off your life by listening to the podcast then checking through the links, at least you don't have to fork over your money to me... though if you feel like, you know... But in all seriousness, let me now what you'd like to hear or see and I'll consider it. Popular approval doesn't always sway me but having fans or listeners get their input would be just grand!

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