Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sound & Groove Podcast - Episode 51: "Recent Stops in Rock & Roll Heaven" Part 2

Jack Bruce was 1/3 of the combustible but highly influential power trio Cream along with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker. Bringing a loud, powerful, technically proficient bass style to rock and roll, Bruce merged blues and jazz knowledge to become- alongside John Entwhistle- arguably rock's first bass superstar. After years of bassmen merely being there to hold down the bottom and the beat with simple scales, Bruce used the fretboard to explore musical ideas galore. While every hard rock musician owed something to Cream, nearly every rock bassist looked up to Bruce as a trailblazer of the instrument. Even after Cream Bruce explored his jazz interest whether or not it brought him the same level of fame he'd known in Cream. Years of hard living led to a liver transplant and operations that gave him enough health to reunite Cream but ultimately he lost his battle on October 25, 2014 at age 71.

The pop/rock world is a large universe therefore it's never any surprise when many luminaries from within it meet their end during any given year. Of course in the music biz many live hard lives of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and constant touring that take their toll and stress. Not to mention the many demons that haunt the highly creative and innovative musical minds of our times. Am I bumming you out yet? I shouldn't because in this second of thee podcasts in the series of "Recent Stops in Rock n' Roll Heaven" I'll profile and provide a musical sample of several who shuffled off their mortal coil since the start of 2013. 

Don't think of it as a mourning but rather a celebration of what they left behind. There will be singers, songwriters, backing musicians, producers and all sorts of highly regarded names in variou capacities of the recording industry. So sit back and soak in another  musical journey through yet another themed podcast here in 2014. And if you're new to this podcast: Every month there will be a theme that the selection of music is centered around. It will be jam packed with my analysis, synopses, breakdowns, anecdotes and other witticisms you might enjoy. And not to worry, each month will contain a different theme than the last. All killer, no filler... other than when I talk and introduce the tunes and recap the ones before it. But aside from that? 100% juicy meat! 100% juicy tofu if you happen to be a vegetarian.

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Track Listing:
1. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted- Jimmy Ruffin (1966)
2. White Room- Cream (1968) (Bass/Lead Vocal: Jack Bruce)
3. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone- Paul Revere & the Raiders (1966) (Organ: Paul Revere)
4. Slowburn- Peter Gabriel (1977) (Lead guitar: Dick Wagner)
5. Rapper's Delight- Sugarhill Gang (1979) (Voice: "Big Bank" Hank)
6. It Takes Two- Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock (1989) (DJ Ez Rock)
7. So Into You- Atlanta Rhythm Section (1976) (Bass: Paul Goddard)
8. Yankee Lady- Jesse Winchester (1970) 

Info of note:
Intro- "Runaway Child, Running Wild" by the Temptations (1969)
Outro- "Smiling Faces Sometimes" by the Temptations (1970)
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