Monday, September 30, 2013

Sound & Groove, Episode 38- "Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving" Part 2

The glossy Prefab Sprout, perhaps the most overlooked and underrated pop band out of the productive UK music scene of the 80s, their clean but invigorating sound being augmented by the succinct lyrics and hook crafting of leader Paddy McAloon (far left). Their music adorns the second episode of two in this month's Sound & Groove theme of "Giving Thanks to Thanksgiving."

The family gathering, the food, the wine. What isn't to love about Thanksgiving? Well add this podcast episode of Sound & Groove to the list as yours truly Evan Dowbiggin dredges up whatever can be found in terms of music related to, inspired by or directly dealing with that wonderful holiday on the 2nd weekend of October (last thursday of November if you're American!). So carve a turkey and watch the harvest moon rise, cause this first of two episodes this month is sure to get you in the mood for a feast.

And if you're new to this podcast: Every month there will be a theme that the selection of music is centred around. It will be jam packed with my analysis, synopses, breakdowns, anecdotes and other witticisms you might enjoy. And not to worry, each month will contain a different theme than the last. This is the second of two episodes this month of September going by the theme of "Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving." All killer, no filler... other than when I talk and introduce the tunes and recap the ones before it. But aside from that? 100% juicy meat! Below I've also provided information and links relevant to the matters discussed in this particular edition of Sound & Groove.

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1. Appetite- Prefab Sprout (1985)
2. Thanksgiving- Loudon Wainwright III (1989)
3. Cold Turkey- John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band (1969)
4. Yesterday's Wine- Willie Nelson (1971)
5. Family Affair- Sly & the Family Stone (1971)
6. Alice's Restaurant Massacree- Arlo Guthrie (1967)  
Info of note:
Intro- "Tonight, Tonight" by The Smashing Pumpkins (1998)
Outro- "Thirty Three" by The Smashing Pumpkins (1995)

All comments, questions and feedback are greatly welcomed and appreciated! I encourage participation. Even though I drain an hour off your life by listening to the podcast then checking through the links, at least you don't have to fork over your money to me... though if you feel like, you know... But in all seriousness, let me now what you'd like to hear or see and I'll consider it. Popular approval doesn't always sway me but having fans or listeners get their input would be just grand!

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